The Brutalist Beauty of Whittington and Maiden Lane Estates

Posted on 2nd June 2023 by FilmFixer

Camden is a borough known for its vibrant culture, music scene, and eclectic mix of architectural styles. Within this bustling neighbourhood stand two hidden gems of Brutalist architecture, the Whittington Estate and the Maiden Lane Estate. Both locations offer backdrops with unusual architecture, captivating form and texture.

In the 1960s, as London grappled with a housing crisis, the Whittington Estate  emerged as a visionary solution.


Built between 1969 and 1979, and designed by the eminent architect Peter Tábori the Whittington Estate boasts the bold aesthetics of Brutalism, with its exposed concrete and geometric shapes. These features, along with the estate’s interconnected terraces, offer filmmakers a unique opportunity to tell their stories.


The communal gardens, walkways, and shared spaces in the Whittington Estate add to its allure as a potential filming location, offering dynamic settings for scenes that require a touch of urban sophistication.


Just a stone’s throw away from St Pancras stands sprawling Maiden Lane Estate. Completed in the 1970s and designed by the acclaimed architectural firm Benson & Forsyth.


The Maiden Lane Estate’s black and white profile adds a dash of otherworldly beauty to its Brutalist form. The large area of the estate occupied by the 1970s low rise blocks and the new 21st century high rises allows for versatile filming options and dramatic exteriors.

Both estates have hosted a number of shoots in the past, including commercials for Adidas, New Balance and DHL, TV drama the Bodyguard and more.

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