Camden Town Hall has reopened following a 4-year refurbishment

Posted on 15th November 2023 by FilmFixer

In the heart of Camden, lies the iconic Town Hall. Recently, this architectural gem has undergone a transformative refurbishment project which aimed at preserving the building’s rich heritage while enhancing its functionality for the modern age. The undertaking reflects the borough’s commitment to maintaining its historical landmarks for future generations.

One of the primary objectives of the refurbishment was to safeguard the architectural integrity of Camden Town Hall. The building’s Art Deco design, distinctive features and original charm of this Grade building have all been preserved.

The project also sought to modernize the building to meet contemporary standards of sustainability and accessibility. This includes updates to infrastructure, energy-efficient systems, and enhanced accessibility features to make the building more inclusive for all members of the community.

It makes for a large and versatile location suited to a variety of filming needs. The outside of the building is made up of Portland stone in the neoclassical style, complete with Corinthian order columns support an imposing pediment. Inside, a grand marble staircase leads to the striking Council Chamber which seats up to 160 people and could easily double as a court room.

Meeting and reception rooms are available across the space, in a variety of styles and sizes, which could be used as locations or as well-equipped production and make-up spaces. The corridors in the Camden Town Hall are also very distinctive – those with wood panelling and arched ceilings, for instance, could be dressed to service as corridors in the White House or other seats of power.

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